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Your First Visit to Our Henderson Practice

How a Healthy Body Works

Your spine is the core foundation of health and strength in your body. The process begins in your brain, which controls ALL FUNCTIONS of your body. ENERGY from your brain moves down your spinal cord which acts as a lifeline delivering this energy through the nerves to ALL OF THE vital organs and cells in your body. Healthy curves and spinal structure allow maximum energy to flow through your system, as well as provide core strength and flexibility for optimal performance.


First visit, you will learn the word SUBLUXATION. Subluxation is a condition where trauma or stresses of everyday life has SHIFTED individual vertebrae or entire sections of your spine from their normal, healthy positions, impacting your overall health, vitality, and strength.

Subluxations not only weaken and collapse one area of the spine, they can also affect the surrounding spinal structures. A collapse in overall spinal structure is reflected in your POSTURE. Postural distortions can cause full spine tension, compression, and stress to the spinal cord resulting in depleted energy in the cord and ALL the vital organs. As a result, energy-starved organs can degenerate, become diseased, and accelerate the aging process of your body.

Posture Distortions

Adjusting area at Mountain West Chiropractic in Henderson
The most dangerous aspect of posture distortions and their relationship to your overall health is that many DON’T cause ANY pain. While pain is an OBVIOUS SIGN THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG, your spine could be collapsing, causing disease, and accelerated aging in your body and you may have NO idea it’s happening. Whether you came to our office because of painful symptoms or not, we are please you are taking the time to address your spinal care.

After reviewing our consultation of your health and physical exam results, we found you currently have:

  • Subluxations
  • Postural Distortions
  • Health Problems

These findings may represent weakened and injured areas of your spine and posture that are reducing your strength, youth, and overall vitality, as well as be responsible for other health issues you may be experiencing.

Take a look to see what you can expect during your second visit.

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