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Your Second Visit to Our Henderson Practice

Our treatment area

Report of Your X-ray Findings

Prior to your next visit, we will review your x-rays and any other diagnostic results and be prepared to report to you our findings. We strongly recommend you attend this REPORT OF YOUR X-RAY FINDINGS with your spouse, significant other, or someone you share you health concerns with. Their attendance is VERY important as we have learned that patients who have someone to support them in their journey do much better in the recovery process. After reviewing your x-rays, if we find you have structural weaknesses in your posture and spine, we may choose to perform some additional tests. These additional tests can help us be more specific in the exact type of rehab protocol necessary to help correct your condition as quickly as possible. We will review the results of these tests after we have studied them and will report our findings to you on your follow-up visit. You can be assured, we do not officially accept a patient until we feel very confident we know:

  1. What is causing your condition
  2. How your condition is affecting your health
  3. The precise rehab program required to correct your condition
  4. We are convinced you are ready to commit to recovering your health and will follow necessary recommendations

Until we receive all this information, we will take the process of evaluating you one step at a time and will let you know what to expect through each step of the process. We appreciate your patience through these steps. It is our specific protocols for EACH patient that has made our clinic and treatment results highly effective. Call our Henderson chiropractic office today and start living the chiropractic lifestyle!

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