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Our Services at Mountain West Chiropractic

Our Special Programs for Special Purposes

Weight loss

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a doctor derived protocol, developed and refined over 20 years. Our in office medically developed diet program focuses on weight loss, followed by a smarter eating education to support better lifestyle changes. Your personal weight loss coach will empower you with the knowledge you’ll need to help you sustain your new body weight after the program ends.

After losing your excess pounds, you’ll have learned how many calories you burn in an average day, what food combinations to avoid and how to avoid weight gain while still enjoying the foods you love.

Ideal Arch PositionFoot Orthotics by Sole supports

Sole Supports are not like other custom orthotics:

  • They actually change your foot posture.
  • They combine comfort with superior control.
  • They contribute to the correction of knee, hip and back posture.
  • They are the only orthotics that are calibrated to match your weight, foot flexibility and activity levels.
  • They may reduce an established deformity with regular use.

Take care of your condition now and prevent foot pain and deformity from progressively worsening. Remember that surgery is not a long term solution. Know that foot problems affect the knee, hip and back in the long term as the foot continues to get FLATTER. Don’t let foot problems turn you from an active person to a couch potato. WE PROVIDE COMPLIMENTRY FOOT ANALYSIS AND CONSULTATIONS.

Automobile, Work, Slip & Fall and Sports injuries

At Mountain West Chiropractic of Green Valley, we provide excellent chiropractic care to treat injuries or conditions associated with auto accidents and other related injuries in Las Vegas and surrounding areas including:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Slip and fall
  • Work related injuries and other injuries under the Nevada workers compensation system also known as on the job injuries.

We have advanced techniques to serve auto accident injury sufferers in Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada. Our office is staffed with highly-skilled chiropractors with years of experience helping people overcome car injury pain so they can get back to pain-free living. Our staff is trained to handle all of the insurance and legal paperwork, so we can streamline the process for our patients. We handle the paperwork to make the process easier on patients recovering from the neck pain, back pain, or extremity injuries often associated with car accidents. For anyone who has recently been in an accident, please do not hesitate to call our Henderson office or come in for a thorough evaluation that could prevent years of unnecessary of pain and suffering.

Las Vegas/Henderson Auto Accident Injury Victims Should Visit Us Immediately

It is critical for auto accident injury victims to have a full evaluation with us as soon as possible after the car injury occurs, and we make this easy with convenient hours of operation. The reason that timing is essential, even after a low-speed car accident, is that the forces exerted on the body during a collision can cause a multitude of soft-tissue injuries that may not manifest themselves until days or weeks after the car injury occurred. Heroic emergency room doctors who are pressed for time often overlook these types of injuries because they have to focus on immediate, life-threatening injuries first. For example, patients with whiplash, which is by far the most common car accident injury we see, are often sent home from the emergency room with a neck brace and some pain relievers, neither of which can solve the long-term damage.

As for whiplash, there are over three million cases of this car injury every year. Collision forces shove the head and body in different directions, severely straining the neck’s delicate network of muscles, vertebrae, ligaments and tendons. Especially at low speeds, the victim may not think they have sustained an injury. A few days or weeks later, however, the victim may start suffering from neck pain, back pain, headaches, and vision problems, but be unable to pinpoint the cause.

Other auto accident injury cases involve debilitating back pain, leg pain and shoulder pain. While traditional medicine often prescribes medications and surgery, both of which can cause more complications down the road, our chiropractic approach helps the body recover by addressing the root causes of the pain naturally and very effectively. We skillfully realign vertebrae that are out of alignment in the back or neck due to car accident trauma, which relieves pain from pinched nerves. We address the often overlooked soft tissue injures through physiotherapy techniques tailored to each patient’s needs. We help our patients find pain relief, regain range of motion and strength.


Product BTM – Antioxidants plus Telomere Support

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