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Mountain West Chiropractic FAQ’s

1. What will my insurance cover?

frequently asked auestions

We will verify your complete insurance coverage before your next visit and let you know the maximum benefits you will be provided with in your clinic. If you have limited insurance benefits or are in need of services that are NOT covered by your insurance, we can make financial arrangements to accommodate you.

2. I am very concerned with my pain I’m experiencing now. How long will it take for me to feel better?

Every patient is unique, so it is impossible to predict when you will experience relief. Be assured, calming down your symptoms is one of you first priorities. Finding the exact cause of your condition and establishing the necessary protocol for making a long lasting or permanent correction is another

3. I have been to other doctors for my condition before. Why didn’t any of them give me the same information as I’ve learned in your office?

Many medical doctors, even some chiropractors, focus on symptom control and only look at the area of your pain or complaint. But symptoms are usually the body’s overt expression of an underlying problem. You may be suffering muscle spasms when, in fact, the REAL underlying cause may be a postural distortion that originated in and are weakening other areas of your body as well. We choose to utilize a deeper, researched, evidence-based system of diagnostics that will let us see such underlying issues and provide you with the a more-effective treatment protocol that will not only address their symptoms, but resolve their causes as well; providing you with permanent, life-changing results.

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