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About Mountain West Chiropractic

Why choose us?

Reason #1 “We Treat the Underlying Cause(s)”

What other chiropractic offices do:

Many other Chiropractic offices promise their patients that they are going to get to the root of the problem, but they actually DO NOT DO THIS.

Many other Chiropractic offices treat patients as if they are just in a medical office, and just give them a pill or some other medical one-stop remedy. Unfortunately, these pills end up covering up the symptoms, but do not address the cause. The problem ends up coming back.

What we DO:

At Mountain West Chiropractic we do things the way they should be done…We actually do get to the underlying cause and treat this!

In fact, we are very particular to treat the underlying cause. We will not begin treatment until we have found it. We then formulate a treatment program to resolve the problem.

Mt West Chiropractic

Relief or wellness care… it’s your choice.

Reason #2 – “We Work as a Team and Set Goals”

At Mountain West Chiropractic we get involved with our patients by taking a lot of time to talk about the problem(s) we find. Also, we express what we feel is the solution to the problem, and once we are in agreement, we are a team working on a common goal.

Reason #3 – “Our Patients Always Come First”

We are very proud of our customer service. We hand pick our staff. In our business there is no place for egos or for rudeness. Our patients always come first.

We strive for the best that we can be every day, so that our patients come to our office feeling very comfortable. Our patients always feel welcomed and get the best service, because our staff really does care about them.

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Providing natural health care to Henderson, Las Vegas, & Green Valley communities.